5 Best Tips for Trekking

Trekking is becoming popular. However, trekking is difficult, and treks vary in distances, altitude, ascent, and descent. Therefore, trekking requires thorough preparation and training. Train your legs. Especially if you are trekking for the first time.

Here are the best tips for trekking.

1. Footwear

What are you going to wear? You will walk for several distances. Choose good quality and appropriate hiking shoes, which offer ankle protection. Make sure your trekking shoes fit perfectly to avoid blisters. Blisters can ruin your trekking. Be careful when choosing your footwear.

2. Hydration

Carry plenty of water. Do not worry about the weather. This is because some people carry less water when the weather is cold. When you are trekking, you will sweat, and you will feel thirsty. Therefore, bring plenty of water because the fluid requirement increases when you are trekking.

3. Train Your Legs

Training your legs is essential because your legs are not used to walking for a long distance. If you do not want to lose your breath and get tired, train your legs. You can instruct your legs at the gym and take the stairs all the time. You will enjoy trekking if you can comfortably walk for several hours without getting tired.

4. Walking Poles

Trekking for the first time? Then, you have never used walking poles. So, try using them. Walking poles provide extra support. And they take the pressure off your knees. Use walking poles when training. You will never have a problem using walking poles when trekking if you know how to use them properly.

5. Train With Your Backpack

You will carry a backpack when you are trekking. The bag is heavy because it contains sunscreen, camera, snacks, water, wet-weather gear, etc. Therefore, train with a heavy backpack. Training with a heavy bag will make trekking comfortable for you.

These are the best tips for trekking.